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AnalystQ or better known as Q, is a trading company focused on building the trading platform of the future. With access to 16,000 markets and unparalleled customer service, Q is one of the leading companies in its field.

Art Director
Web Design
Brand Identity
Analyst Q

With simplicity in mind, I designed a well-structured website that appeals to the international market. 


To create an informative website which will reflect the mission and vision of AnalystQ as one of the top crypto exchanges. 


The website features a clean and modern structure with custom typography and use of desaturated or black and white imagery. All the images featured in the website were a result of a carefully selection process between the designer and the Q team, in order to reflect best the freedom of trading. 


AnalystQ's new website was launched on April 2020 and was immediately featured on every major crypto news website. The company sees an increase of its customer base by 25%.